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Nijiya Tokusei Osechi Nami





Nijya's "Tokusei Osechi(S size)" directly imported from Japan.
Limited Quantity!

This Osechi is to be picked up in-store, and delivery is not available.
You can select the store you wish to pick up your order at the payment page.


【Order acceptance period】
11/22/2022〜while stocks last

【Pick Up Date】


Simmered Bamboo Shoots & Bonito Flakes, Simmered Butterbur, Spinach Filled Baked Fish Cake Roll, Shrimp Filled Baked Fish Cake Roll, Candied Sweet Potato, Sweetened Black Soybeans, Candied Young Peach, Rolled Konbu Seaweed, Sweetened White Bean Paste & Chestnut, Seasoned Salmon Roe, Sweet Pickled Radish & Carrot, Red & White Fish Cake, Japanese Sweet Rolled Omelet

※Defrost before consuming.
※onsume immediately after defrost.


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